4 tricks to keep your refrigerator in optimal condition

Does a refrigerator or refrigerator really have the days counted? Although some studies indicate that the life of this appliance is between 10 to 16 years is likely to last much longer if you look at its maintenance constantly. Just think, the fridge is on 24 hours a day, that’s why you need more care compared to any other device in our homes. Therefore, here at Triple A Plaza we will reveal 5 tricks to keep your refrigerator in optimal condition. The tricks and tips you should know 1. Regulates the temperature Many people are unaware of the optimum temperature at which we should keep our refrigerators. Many companies and research indicate that the ideal temperature is between 4 to 5 degrees ℃ or 36 degrees °F, and the freezer.

3 steps to clean the ducts of a dryer

Servicing a dryer will seem like a difficult task, but it is not. In this opportunity, we will focus on the cleaning of the ventilation system, that is, the ducts. The cleaning of the ducts of the dryer, it is important that it is done at least once a month; in this way, we will avoid malfunctioning or total failure of the appliance. And in the case of filters, should be done after each use, in addition, check that it is completely clean before re-use. Having clean filters will help reduce the drying time, decrease the energy consumption and the lifetime of the appliance will be much longer. Steps to clean the filters of a dryer 1. When you open the door of the dryer, you must locate the filter,.

3 tricks to get the most out of your washing machine

Since the washing machine was invented, people simply cannot live without it; and with the advancement of technology, it is becoming more complicated to use and more delicate to care for. For that reason, is that here in Triple A Plaza we are going to tell you the 3 tricks that you can put into practice to get the most out of this device. The washing machine: the most forgotten appliance in the house Let's be honest, we rarely clean the washing machine; only when it begins to fail is when we realize that it is necessary to keep it impeccable. This is the first mistake we all make. And this will be the first trick we will reveal to you. 1. Maintenance We and many more experts recommend cleaning.